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Belsone (Belsòn) di Nonantola

It is a traditional popular dessert, with an oval or "S" shape, its recipe based on flour, butter, sugar and eggs has remained unchanged for centuries.

Product features

Discover the Belsòn, the confectionery jewel of Nonantola, an authentic delight that preserves the unaltered taste of centuries. With its distinctive oval or "S" shape, this traditional cake is enriched with a surprising filling of "brusca" jam, offering a unique taste experience. The Belsòn, synonymous with simplicity and tradition, carries the history of a region, celebrated in the kitchens of the lower Po Valley for generations. Immersed in the legends of the "blessing bread," this cake is not just a pleasure for the palate but a ritual that unites families during festivities, baked with care in wood-fired ovens to enhance every nuance of flavor. Rediscover the Belsòn, a confectionery heritage to preserve and savor.

Culinary Uses

It can be enjoyed at various times of the day: sliced and dipped in milk for breakfast, as a dessert after meals, or as an afternoon snack. Particularly recommended is pairing it with a glass of Lambrusco.


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Province of Modena