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Modena Bell Apple

The Campanina Apple of Modena belongs to the Rosaceae family, genus Malus domestica. Unique cultivar of its kind, it has small and rounded
fruits, with excellent organoleptic and health properties, as well as a long shelf life.

Product features 

The Campanina Apple from Modena is a true natural treasure, belonging to the Rosaceae family and the Malus domestica genus. This exclusive variety, also known as "the grandmother's apple" or "Modenese," is characterized by its small, sweet, and fragrant fruits, symbolizing tradition and quality. With a resistant skin and juicy flesh, the Campanina apple stands out for its remarkable storability, remaining fresh and tasty for months. It is celebrated for its high concentration of antioxidants, making it a valuable ally for health. Unique in its kind, the Campanina Apple is a tribute to the richness of the Modenese territory, capable of delivering authentic flavors that recall the care and wisdom of the past.

Culinary Uses

The Campanina Apple is typically consumed in winter. It can be enjoyed raw to absorb all its nutritional and antioxidant properties or baked to enhance its aroma and taste. Its flesh is used to make delicious jams and mustards and can be used to fill the classic apple pie. At Christmas and Carnival, it is traditional to prepare apple fritters.


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